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Bigsby Arm Hardware - The Twelfth FretBigsby Arm Hardware
Bigsby Bigsby Arm Hardware
Sale priceFrom $8.99
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Bigsby B3 Vibrato TailpieceBigsby B3 Vibrato Tailpiece
Bigsby Bigsby B3 Vibrato Tailpiece
Sale priceFrom $395.00
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Bigsby® B5 Vibrato Tailpiece Polished Aluminum - The Twelfth Fret
Bigsby B6 Tremolo - The Twelfth Fret
Bigsby B70 Bridge - The Twelfth Fret
Bigsby Bigsby B70 Bridge
Sale price$225.00
Bigsby B50 Tailpiece - The Twelfth Fret
Bigsby Handle Assembly - The Twelfth FretBigsby Handle Assembly - The Twelfth Fret

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